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On this page we'll list current members and welcome new members.

Here are the names for all the members in sure to join the list to get updated.Please fill out the form below such as your Name,Age,Weight,Height,Contact,Preference and all those bit's and pieces that you want to make your status interesting for other members or visitors to see..You never know your luck.  ;-)

  • Skin-chub @ Clash^Of^The^Titans : WebMaster
  • Mafiz:---->Representatives.
  • Azlan:---->Member
  • Razani Rahim:-> Member
  • Ben Jeremy:---->Member
  • JoeChub:------->Member
  • Hendra:--------->Member
  • Fendi_Fat------->Member


Welcome New Members!

  • Members Discription:I am Azlan. 168cm/68kg/32wst/28yrs. I am looking for a chubby guy. I am working as a consultant in one of a well-known telecommunication company./ 


  • Members Discription:Razani Rahim/Hi..I am 34 years old/178 cm/89kg looking for friends/:



  • Members Discription:JoeChub/19yo/164cm/100kg--->We still need your emails(WebMaster)





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